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Tsubasa Kurata, a brilliant programmer with a serious passion for robots, lost his life in a traffic accident, and was reincarnated in a far different world from Earth as Ernesti Echevalier of the Kingdom of
In this world, not only did demon beasts and magic exist, but also his beloved giant robots (here called Silhouette Knights).
Retaining his memories and knowledge from his past life, Ernesti (Ernie to his friends) would display amazing talent from an early age.
Following his dream, he decided to become a Silhouette Knight pilot (a "Knight Runner"), and enrolled at the Academy of Knight Runners.
At age 12, after stopping a stampeding Behemoth (a Division-class demon beast), Ernie decided to create his own personal Silhouette Knight.
Kid and Addy, his childhood friends, would help him in his quest.