Heavy Metal L-Gaim


Pentagona World: a star system consisting of two binary stars, the Sunz, and its five orbiting planets.
This world, filled with constant strife and rebellions, lay under the dictatorship of Emperor Oldna Posaydal and the great armed forces of
Posaydal's empire.
On the remote planet Coam, Daba Myroad and Mirawoo Kyao left their hometown to seek out their fortune. During their journey, they were joined by the former bandit Fannaria Amm.
As he got involved with the arms dealer Amandra Kamandra, Daba began a battle against the Posaydal Forces using the Heavy Metal his father left him, the L-Gaim.
Along the way, he joined forces with one of Posaydal's elite Extra Thirteen, Gaw Ha Leccee.
Daba ended up becoming part of a large-scale rebellion army on planet Mizun.
During this time, he repeatedly fought against Gavlet Gablae, who had perhaps even greater ambitions (in his own mind).
Posaydal's regular army was, however, too powerful for the rebels, and Daba was forced to flee Mizun.